Right Footed & Imba Means Sing: “You find out that people are capable of so many things.”

“What I find most inspiring about film is that you can learn so much from it. I recently saw these two documentaries with my kids, they’re called Right Footed & Imba Means Sing. You find out that people are capable of so many things. Right Footed portrays this lady who taught herself to type with her toes. It’s inspiring to see how she overcame these challenges and she became a great advocate for people with disabilities. It really changes your view and you become more actively engaged” – Jeff

“Mom usually chooses what to watch and sometimes she picks these documentaries that we don’t like, but these are the only two documentaries that we really liked. Imba Means Sing was about a children’s choir and the kids were underestimated by their teachers, but it was really cool to see that those kids were smarter than people thought” – kids

Photo and story by Feargal Agard